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Mobile Friendly Websites

Since April 2015, significant changes to Google Search Systems have begun to penalise websites which are not mobile-friendly.
Over 60% of all Google searches are now conducted on mobile devices. It is Google’s job to bring you information quickly, so Google now aim to promote and improve the ranking of websites which are mobile friendly. Websites which are not optimised to quickly display content on mobile devices are being demoted under the new search rules. 
If you rely on online sales and leads, having a mobile friendly website is no longer ‘a nice thing to have’, it is a business necessity.
Smartphones are now the largest growth area in internet usage – In Ireland alone, mobile internet use increased by 67% in 2014.  
Your customer is mobile. Is your website mobile friendly?

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professionally designed, mobile friendly websites from €995!

We are a team of Irish web designers & developers based in Dublin, Ireland.
We specialise in high-end, professionally designed, mobile friendly websites for local SME’s.
We have over 15 years experience of Media & Web Design, Web Development, Brand & Marketing disciplines and are members of the Dublin and Fingal Chambers of Commerce.
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Mobile Friendly Websites
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